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Lynn's Local Specialist Gardeners in Chester

One quick call is all it takes to hire Lynn's experienced and fully qualified gardeners in Chester. You'll be getting work that's of a guaranteed quality, delivered according to your exact wishes...

We make sure of this by providing you with a no-obligation onsite assessment. You can talk to an expert about the work you have planned - and get a clear price confirmed upfront.

Get that onsite booking confirmed over the phone on 020 3404 9244, or use our booking form to contact us. Ask us any questions you might have or make that booking 24 hours a day, any day. You can find more information about booking your service at the foot of the page.

What Your Garden Landscaping in Chester Will Come With:

  • Expert garden landscapers in Chester - ideal for all work you might need done, safe and reliable
  • Rates charged by the hour in the event of garden maintenance, and garden landscaping charged per piece - you always get a fair rate
  • The safety tools and equipment required to deliver all services, including high level tree surgery
  • Bank Holiday and weekend services, and a wide array of appointment times
  • No issues working in poor weather - we come properly prepared and equipped
  • An onsite consultation so you can tell us exactly what you want done - without obligation

What's Included in Your Professional Gardening Services?

In short, your gardening services in Chester can include whatever you need them to. Lynn's Gardeners offer two basic types of gardening - maintenance, for care. And design and landscaping, for improvement work:

  • Garden maintenance - this is the easy way to care for your garden. Our garden maintenance services are set up to follow your specific wishes, taking care of any general maintenance. Things like leaf collection, tidying flower beds, trimming hedges and lawns, and much more.
  • Garden design and landscaping - your garden landscaping services come from a range which includes any sort of decking work, patio construction, ground improvement, and a wide variety of other jobs.

All services reward you with an upfront quote without obligation.

Booking Your Gardening in Chester - It's Fast and Easy

There's a simple process we follow when you make your booking. It's the way which we've found you get the best results every time:

  1. Contact us at your convenience - we're here to help you around the clock
  2. The next stage is to talk about your plans with an expert - they'll come to you! This can happen whichever day of the week you prefer
  3. You can get any advice on the gardening you need in Chester - whether it's garden maintenance or landscaping
  4. Within three working days in the case of landscaping, we provide you with that quote. For maintenance, we'll be able to do so straight away
  5. Your appointment for your service can then go ahead at the time of your choosing